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Balloon Décor

Classic Balloon Arch

Starting price at $90.00

Theme Balloon Arch

Starting price at  $100.00

Helium Balloon Arch

Staring price at $80.00

Balloon Columns

Starting price $40.00ea.

Organic Balloon Garland

Starting price at $90.00

Balloon Wall 

Starting price at $190.00

3ft Helium Balloons 


Balloon Centerpieces


Balloon Strands 


Round Balloon Arch 

Starting price $120.00ea

Balloon Centerpiece

Starting price $8.00ea

Letter/Number Mosaic



Grass Backdrop

Rental price $80.00

Premium Silk Roses & Hydrangeas Backdrop

Rental price $80.00

Rose Hydrangea Flowers Wall Backdrop

Rental price $80.00

White Curtain, stand and lights

Rental price $100.00

Metal Round Wedding Arch 80' 

Rental price $70.00

13pcs White Cake Stands

Rental price $40.00

9pcs Candy Jars Set

Rental price $20.00

7pcs Gold Cake Stands

Rental price $50.00

Blue Rectangular Tablecloth


Red Chair Cover


Desert Tables set up

   Rental price $100.00

3pcs Iron Gold Pedestals 

Rental Price $30.00

3pcs White Pedestals 

Rental Price $60.00

BABY Table

Rental Price $100.00

ONE Table

Rental Price $100.00

LOVE Table

Rental Price $100.00

Clear Table 

Rental Price $60.00

Kids Table Set

10 Chiavari chairs and 8ft long table

Rental Price $30.00


Basic Backdrop 

Backdrop, Balloon Garland & Personalized card stock name or logo


Deluxe Backdrop

Backdrop, Balloons Garland,  Personalized card stock name or logo, Desert stands, balloon column & Table of your choice


Prices include delivery & set up in Hall County area, extra delivery charges may apply for further counties